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【LiveJean Pierre Remix

Project leader/Arranger/Live DJ

I was the music director of Groove It!!!, a concert sponsored by Eslite Bookstore.


By combining sample-based arranging, scratching element and modern beat with classic jazz, funk, and disco music, I hoped to send the audience a message, via songs that were familiar and easy to listen to, that the DJ can be a creative and knowledgeable musician, not just the stereotypical "party animal".

I believe it is the DJ's job, or vocation even, to find and bring forth the positive energy in music in various ways, but the lopsided representation of DJ in modern-day mass media is easily misleading. To change that, and to affirm the core value of what a DJ is and does, it is essential to stay focused on what really matters, namely, creativity and music itself.


Here, with Miles Davis's "Jean Pierre," I scratched the sound of the didgeridoo and used it as the bass line, making myself the DJ an instrument player in another sense. It is my belief that using acoustic instrument as sample, instead of the "ah" sound preferred by conventional turntablist, makes for a more meaningful way to connect to the audience.

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