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[Music/Object]Song of Sewing Machine

Composer/Arranger/Recorder/Mixer/Film Actor

This Video had been released on Spring Summer,2015 collection, London Fashion Week.

創作的核心思想是『共同點』。縫紉機,熨斗,布同時是創作服裝,也是創作音樂的工具。藉由由影像記錄下每個聲音的形成,讓觀者產生視覺與聽覺的聯結,並重新定義這些工具。呈現出"Fashion X Music" without explaination。

Using a DPA 4099, SE X1 as space mic and main mic. And a lo-fi clip mic to get the viberation of the whole sewing machine.

Keep the arragnment as simple as I can, and let the sound speak.



Project leader/Composer/Arranger/Recorder/Film Actor

Released on Spring Summer,2015 collection, London Fashion Week.

音樂上除了以縫紉機及熨斗為core instrument之外,另外加入vocal及Eletric bass定義整首曲子的調性。

The video presents the working progress that how music and fashion corporating.

The concept of the signal flow:

[Theatre]Spurt of Blood

Composer/Music Technician/Live Music Performer

Written by Antonin Artaud, directed by YC Wei. Taiwan premier.

2006 NTU Department of Drama & Theatre annual production.

這齣製作的最大特色是,劇場中央被設計放置一個容得下所有演員的水池。在約莫16:30的地方,所有演員都進到水池中間開始跳舞。緊接著演員們在水池中進行片段的對話。我設計在水池的四周藏有四支fixed shot gun mic,down stage有兩支floor mic,up stage有兩支floor mic及兩支shotgun。從21:00開始會穿著白袍,象徵著抽離,中性以及控制的角色會拿著boom mic走出來,貼近著水池周遭,收錄水聲以及對話的聲音。這十二支mic由我現場控制,經由digital console(Yamaha O1V),我加入repitch, delay, reverb等效果,如49:40開始的段落。巨大比例的道具,怪異的戲服,還有怪異音準跟節奏的聲音和音樂,讓整齣劇從視覺到聽覺都非常超現實。表演時,我也身穿白色實驗衣,象徵著監看,控制者,同時是表演者也是幕後人員。這樣的核心精神支持著我的設計,我隨著現場的情緒加入不同的聲音特效,即時調整不同mic之間的balance。production中,我也是演員之一,只是我用的是科技、聲音,還有音樂。

[Music/Object]Sound of Combuy

Project leader/Composer/Arranger/Recorder/Scratcher/Film Actor

影片中聽到的所有聲音,都來自於連鎖飲料店Comebuy。我用Sample或play live的方式把這些原用來製作珍珠哪茶或咖啡的器具當成樂器,並在結合DJ,鼓手,beatboxer之後以現場表演的方式呈現。

coffee machine, covering machine, syrup machine, and over 20 plastic cups and pots.並這些巨型機具搬進臺北最大的錄音室之一MEGA Studio。製作音樂及影像。

特別的是我在這個製作中,用塑膠杯及talkbox,設計了一個經由beatboxer的聲音及他的手就能trigger的costume wobble talkbox,只要beatboxer發出聲音並把手蓋住杯口及放開,就能製造出wobble bass的效果。


[Movie]Weather Report of The End

Score Composer/Arranger

Official selection of 2015 International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Official Selection of 2015 Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival.

In the year of AD2078, climate on earth is extremely unstable. Besides the regular weather, there are meteors, volcano eruption, black holes. Sometimes even alien attack became one of those weather types. Hsiung, a 30-year veteran weather reporter, suffering from the bad relationship between him and his daughter Mizu because of one failed forecast, has to save her from the most dangerous weather type of all time – A gigantic cat-face monster named Meowzilla.

Scoring music for sci-fi cult comedy, I made some parody theme, making fun of epic movie scores like Godzille and Star Wars.(02:09 and 03:50) And I arranged them really "high class lo-fi," which means I made the song sound lo-fi on purpose.  I hired a trumpet player to play in Star Wars theme, but I arrange and mix them in a bad balance on purpose. So the songs sound unprofessional quality, but they perfectly match those "fake 3d" monster animation. In the end, I made fun of myself and the move, I remix Godzilla parody and the funny lines from move, made a dubstep-electronica finale. 


[Machinima] Just Another Morning

Music Producer/

A Machinima based on video game called World of Warcraft. Winning 2nd place of 2013 Blizzcon movie contest, which is a one of the biggest worldwide contest in gamming world. 

Garrosh Hellscream是一個人人喊打的反派角色,作風強硬霸道。因此我們用沒有對白的默片形式,試著反過來探討這個粗人的內心世界。所以音樂扮演著極其關鍵的角色,我選擇用post rock style製造出Garrosh在面對敵人的緊繃與回憶中內心世界之間的張力。但這又只是一個平凡不過的早晨,所以我選擇用看似平順又甜中帶酸的旋律,襯托出Garrosh強硬的外表之下,心中那一塊他想保護的純淨。

[Dance]Mixed Players - Dance with Master


我受台灣最知名的Contact Improvisation舞團Ku & Dancers的邀請,在2013iDance Taipei Festival上表演。除了舞團的舞者之外,還邀請到founder of Contact improvisation的傳奇舞者Nancy Stark Smith以及Pianist/composer Mike Vargas. Nancy在演出前,請大家坐下,花了10分鐘講解接下來將近25分鐘的piece的架構。包含how to transfer from the different part of stage, and how the emotion develope. Then we go on the stage. I use Ableton Live、Orbit as controller,asaloto as percussion,vocoder and synthersizer. Mike played piano, toys and beats from ipad. 在Nancy的帶領之下,我感覺到我與整個空間融為一體。My music was inspired by not only Mike, also by the breath of dancers, messeges that dancers send out from their eyes and body language, and the energy in the theatre. I feel my voice from dancers' reaction, then I send out my feed back again. It was an magical journey. What I've learned from this experience is that music can be feeled above harmony and melody, even a simple sound or 5 minutes silent can be an independent movement of the piece.

[MV]Sweet Talk (Red House)

Co-Producer/Arranger/Recorder/Scratcher/Film Actor

I co-produced this track with well known DJ/producer Xuan Liu. And invite one of the best jazz singer Ying-Ying Shih to join the project.

In this cross-genre piece, I cutted up samples from traditional Chinese Peking opera and 1930 Shanghai early jazz into funk groove to build up the arrangement. Besides using hundred of samples, I also scratch the Peking opera as a interlude solo.

I play a role as a "modern old-fashion DJ"in the music video. The whole concept of the video is sending a messege which is cross generation. Filming a DJ scratching section is in purpose that people can make the connection with remix and cross genre .

這首歌由台灣知名DJ/Producer 劉軒與我共同製作。劉軒寫出旋律線之後,由我編曲詮釋。同時我們也邀請到台灣的一線Jazz Singer Ying-Ying Shih。

這是一首跨曲風作品。除了中英文穿插的歌詞之外,我取樣中國傳統京劇,1930年代老上海的爵士, 融合進Funk感覺的編曲中。除了利用上百個取樣來建構起的編曲之外,我還在間奏中用刷碟刷出京劇的聲線。MV中,我以『時尚的古人DJ』出現,傳達跨時代的意向。並刻意安插DJ刷碟的段落來讓觀眾連結起remix與跨越風之間的關係。


[Live]DMC World Championship Taiwan

Final Routine of DMC Taiwan Championship.


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